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As always we will have great competitions and great prizes. It will be wise to come early and make sure your game is up to date and configured correctly. You don’t want to hassle with IP’s and anti-viruses blocking your game. *Click on the tournament name or logo to see more info about each.

 *We have removed games that make use of overseas servers to remove any internet and latency related issues.

Official Tournaments hosted by Ballistix Masters at LANX

Please understand that this year will be a little different from the others. 

To play in the BF4 and DOTA 2 tournaments you will need to be part on the Ballistix Masters. They will be handling the Finals at LANX 2018. There won’t be any registrations at the event for these tournaments because you have to do the play-off throughout the first and second quarters of the year. 


Official Tournaments hosted by LANX

The two other tournaments chosen by you, the gamers, were COD 4 and CS:GO. Congratulations to those who chose these two games. The LANX Tournament manager will control the matches at the event.

Call of Duty 4

The Ultimate modern warfare death match ! Top 50% of all entries in 1st match will through to 2nd match. Then the final 3 players will play against each other in the final match. Click the button below to learn more.

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Counterstrike Global Offensive

Join your team in classic competitive FPS action. When it comes to a classic all out team death match, Counter strike sets the standard. Click the button below to learn more.

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Other Competitions

Keep it GEEEKY !!!

We have teamed up with the SA Geeks to present you with yet another fun competition, please watch their video to learn more about the rules of the compitition !

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Bubble Bobble Competition

There will be a prize for the gamer who can get the highest score in Bubble Bobble with our retro setup at the LAN. Come join the battle to claim your title as the Bubble Bobble master ! The final 3 players will battle each other for the title ! If you are too young to remember what Bubble Bobble is, check out the video below 🙂

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