As always we will have great competition and great prizes. This year we want to introduce some new games to keep you fresh. It will be wise to come early and make sure your game is up to date and configured correctly. You don’t want to hassle with IP’s and anti-viruses blocking your game. We are still finalising unofficial tournaments, but considering a retro game and some console games. *Click on the tournament name or logo to see more info about each.

 *We have removed games that make use of overseas servers to remove any internet and latency related issues.


NB – Tournament Registrations will open here on our website on 16 June – 30 June. Only teams or players who have paid will be able to book. It may take a few hours before your name show up on the tournament page.

There will be a 4th tournament that will be a poll on one of our social pages !


Official Tournaments

DOTA 2, CS:GOBattlefield 4